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Courtney Deboeck

Dr. Courtney DeBoeck has been helping people achieve better health with natural medicine in Stratford since 2001. Using a combination of Naturopathic therapies including clinical nutrition, acupuncture, botanical medicines, German homeopathics and nutriceuticals she endeavours to educate and support her patients on the road to wellness.

Dr. Courtney started her studies at the University of Western Ontario where she completed her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Environmental Science. She then completed the four year post graduate program in 2001, at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto. While at CCNM she completed supplemental study in the field of homeopathy, cranio-sacral therapy as well as working at Toronto People with AIDS. She continues to maintain an eclectic practice with special interest in Women’s Health, Pediatrics, infertility and neurology. Dr. Courtney continues to upgrade her skills regularly thru various continuing education courses including Oncology, fertility treatments, endocrinology and neurology.

She has been the proud owner of Sunrise Health Naturopathic and Wellness Clinic since 2004. The clinic has continued to grow thru the years adding more Naturopaths, Holistic Nutrition, Massage therapy, Physiotherapy and Podiatry to the services. Dr. Courtney is so proud to be part of a strong, dynamic team of Wellness Practitioners who everyday strive to help people achieve their health goals.

Dr. Courtney currently resides in Stratford with her husband and two beautiful children.

Dr. Katherine Ackland McKay B.Kin ND
Katherine Ackland

Dr. Katherine is passionate about serving her community in a leadership role and inspiring the individuals she works with. In 1995 she graduated from McMaster University with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. She went on to the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and graduated in 2001. Dr. Katherine loves her work and enjoys the challenge of investigating each individual’s health. Education and self-empowerment are integral to her care, and she truly believes it is possible to improve health at any stage.

With a clinical emphasis and training in Biomeridian Analysis, Dr. Katherine is able to assess and determine where imbalances exist. This testing is performed at most visits, and provides a direction for care. She also utilizes various therapies such as homeopathic drainage, nutrition, herbal medicine, lifestyle counseling, magnetic field and infrared therapies, movement and exercise, as well as a broad range of supplements. General goals of therapy include improving nutrient status, as well gentle toxin elimination.

Dr. Katherine welcomes patients with various health concerns. Areas of focus include female hormonal imbalances and infertility, insomnia and fatigue, depression and anxiety, digestive diseases, dental support, allergies, thyroid imbalance, diabetes, asthma, skin disorders, learning disabilities and ADHD, cancer and supportive care, autoimmune disease, anti-aging, and many more. She works with people of all ages and focuses on small, easy lifestyle changes.

Dr. Katherine also practices in New Hamburg and has served that community since 2003. She has been a part of the Sunrise team since 2008. Katherine lives in Tavistock with her family. Please feel free to contact the clinic with any questions you may have.

dr. holly johnston, bsc, n.d.
holly johnston

Holly is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor who is a firm believer in identifying the root cause of illness, individualized healthcare, and achieving optimal health. She is committed to helping her patients realize their potential for ideal wellness and guiding them on their path to health restoration. Holly is thrilled to be practicing in her hometown of Stratford, and welcomes patients of all ages and health concerns into her general family practice. She has experience working in an integrative hospital setting and has worked extensively with individuals with chronic health concerns such as diabetes, thyroid conditions, digestive imbalances, and autoimmunity. She has a special interest and additional training in fertility, women’s health concerns, perinatal care (pregnancy & post-partum), and pediatrics. She is also pleased to offer naturopathic doula care to support patients through labour and delivery.

Holly is a graduate of the Bachelor of Naturopathy program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Previous to this degree she earned an Honours Bachelor of Science from the University of Guelph, where she studied Biomedical Sciences, Nutrition, and Nutraceutical Sciences. Together with her background in medical sciences and research as well as her passion for health and wellness, Dr. Holly is able to provide safe and effective treatment for her patients.

Learn more about Holly at www.drhollynd.com or connect with her on social media @drhollynd


Kim Sebben

Kim Sebben is a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist she can help to educate her clients with an individualized plan specific to their needs. She enjoys with working with adults and children's needs.

Kim believes that the best way to nourish a happy and healthy body starts with the intake of the proper nutrients through whole natural foods.

Kim can offer assistance with digestive disorders, detoxifying, food allergies, weight loss, personalized menu plans tailored to your needs, low energy levels, disease prevention and diabetes.


Terri-Lynn Penney

Terri-Lynn graduated from The Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy with honours gaining knowledge in a variety of science based subjects such as Anatomy, Physiology, Neurology, Pathology and Kinesiology. Other areas include business, professional development and a variety of practical hands on learning such as Assessments, Treatments, Remedial Exercise and Hydrotherapy.

Terri-Lynn became a Massage Therapist to provide therapeutic care to a diverse clientele suffering from a variety of ailments such as inflammation/inflammatory disorders, strains, sprains, tendinitis, foot dysfunctions such as plantar fasciitis, compartment syndromes, sacroiliac dysfunction, all types of headaches, tmj dysfunction, whiplash, constipation, types of Arthritis, fibromyalgia, peripheral nerve compressions such as carpal tunnel syndrome & central nervous system disorders among other ailments. Terri-Lynn is highly skilled and trained in general Swedish massage techniques, advanced techniques and has strong knowledge and training in Orthopedic Physical Assessments. She has a calm and confident attitude creating a comfortable and professional environment promoting client care. She has successfully provided quality care to a variety of patients in a clinical, hospice, corporate and sports settings.

Terri-Lynn has successfully completed Dr. Vodders Manual Lymphatic Drainage Basic Body Course 1 & Therapy 2. “The well-being of every individual depends on the health of the lymphatic system.” There are several indications for MLD such as inflammation/congestion, auto immunity, digestion, lymphatic disease, lymphedema etc. Many patients have found lymphatic treatment beneficial for sinus issues, constipation, congested tender chest tissue, post injury, pre & post-surgery etc.

Terri-Lynn is dedicated to continue working within the community she lives in helping those in need and promoting a positive lifestyle. Originally from Newfoundland Terri-Lynn is now a resident of Stratford. She plans to continue her education in a variety of areas as to provide the best and most comprehensive treatment she can for her clients. Please contact Terri-Lynn if you have further questions or concerns she is happy to talk with you.

Jane Cromwell

Jane is a Canadian Certified Pedorthist, who began her pedorthic career in 1993 working in the Kitchener-Waterloo and Stratford area. She is skilled in all areas of Pedorthics and is committed to provide the best in patient care. She intergrates quality of care with communication, compassion and emphasizes patient education.

Although Jane enjoys treating all foot and ankle conditions and sports injuries, she realized early in her career she had developed a particular interest to help those people who suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Diabetes. In 1997 Jane was involved in Jannsen-Ortho Regranex Gel clinical trials helping to off load the diabetic neuropathic ulcers with orthotics and customized footwear.

Through the years Jane has been involved as a practicum site supervisor, passing on her knowledge to students from the Diploma of Pedorthics program through the University of Western Ontario. Jane is a long time member of the Pedorthic Association of Canada and a member of the College of Pedorthics of Canada.

Marilyn Holmes

Marilyn Holmes, a Stratford area native, is a 1983 graduate of the Physical Therapy program at University of Alberta (BSc.P.T.). She worked in Edmonton, Victoria, and Bristol, UK before returning to this area in 1990. In 2001 Marilyn attained her Advanced (Fellowship) Diploma in Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Physical Therapy (FCAMPT). This designation recognizes advanced skills in assessment, treatment and evidence-informed clinical decision-making in orthopaedic physiotherapy.

Marilyn has used acupuncture to treat neuro-musculoskeletal conditions since 1989, and in 1994 she obtained certification with the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute (CAFCI). She continues professional education in the area of manual physical therapy and osteopathy, exercise therapy, sport medicine, acupuncture (ear and body), pain management, vestibular rehabilitation, oncology and women’s health.

From 1992 until 2012, Marilyn owned and operated Physiotherapy Associates of Stratford. It was a multi-disciplinary facility from 1993-2008. From 2004 to 2008, it operated under Integrative Healthcare Centre. Our team included P.T.s, R.M.T.s, Pedorthists, an Osteopathic Physician/Sport Medicine doctor, a T.C.M. Doctor, a Medical Herbalist, and Kinesiologists/Personal Trainers. Our vision was to provide collaborative care for our clients, and to gain physician acceptance of this goal. Marilyn also operated a Mitchell clinic from 1998 to 2011. From 2008 to 2012, she ran a small practice in Stratford. Marilyn enjoys working in a group practice dedicated to helping people find health.

Outside of physiotherapy, Marilyn enjoys an active lifestyle which includes yoga, tennis, Pilates, ballet, volleyball, cycling and skiing. She and her husband and 2 daughters operate the family farm, which has a small orchard and an apiary.

Marilyn uses manual physical therapy (including for the cranium), exercise, acupuncture, taping, and education to help relieve her client’s pain and to optimize their physical function. Her own experience recovering from numerous sports injuries and surgeries has helped her understand the challenges faced by her clients.

In 2015, Marilyn enjoyed her volunteer experience as a Medical Practitioner at Pan Am Games in Toronto, providing Field of Play and clinic coverage.

Marilyn is returning for her third year as a Guest Coach at the Stratford Festival, providing physiotherapy to dancers and other Company members.

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